Mitsubishi RVR Review

Mistubishi RVR/ASX

Hey there, today being the last day of May 2017, I thought it wise to share with you a not so famous SUV. Its still a Japanese manufactured car but still yet to be embraced by Kenyan drivers or car shopper. This vehicle is starting to pick up lately in sales locally though 🙂 .

This last day of May 2017, also marks a special moment here in Kenya, being the day the president just launched the first maiden trip on a Standard Gauge Railway from Mombasa to Nairobi. Its dubbed the Madaraka Express! Most people were sceptical about this project but at last its here with us. Anyway enough of that lets get back to our review, shall we?

Mitsubishi RVR (second facelift)

The all new Mitsubishi RVR which is in its 3rd Generation is thought to be a game changer though not sure about that. What strikes most is the all new appearance looks so elegant and that it packs a punch! The first generation rolled out of the assembly line in 1991. The RVR is also known as the Mitsubishi ASX or Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in other markets.

The name RVR is only used in Japan and Canada. In Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Australia, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Russia, and the Philippines, it is sold as the Mitsubishi ASX (an abbreviation of “Active Sports Crossover”), and as the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in the United States and Indonesia. In Puerto Rico, it uses both the ASX and Outlander Sport titles.

The Asian RVRs are powered by the 4B10 1.8 litre gasoline engine mated to an manual or INVECS-III continuously variable transmission.[12] North American, Singaporean, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Philippine and Australian vehicles getting the larger 4B11 2.0 L and 4B12 2.4 L engines(starting 2015MY), while the European ASX use a new 4A92 1.6 litre gasoline engine.

Mitsubishi RVR

In Europe and Australia the 4N13 1.8 L direct-injection turbodiesel engine is also available as options. With a 2015MY update in Europe Mitsubishi 4N1 engine was replaced with PSA DV6C engine. The almost whole range of petrol engines – 1.6L (117 hp), 1.8L (140 hp) and 2.0L (150 hp) is offered on the CIS market.

In October 2014 Mitsubishi announced that the next generation ASX/RVR will have a plug-in hybrid version. The conventionally powered next generation ASX/RVR is scheduled for market launch in 2017 and the plug-in version will go on sale in Europe and other markets in 2018


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